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Special possibility

Would you like to try new activities that can help you with your problems and worries? We have special possibility for you, because there is great tantra massage prague that is perfect relaxation procedure. We can offer you nice atmosphere with candles, special ritual music and lots of methods that you cannot find in all cultures. We can show you remarkable touches, when masseuse starts your procedure by sensual touches and caresses. You will be naked during procedure or only with small piece of matter. After then can start massage that you will never forget. There will be lots of different forms of touches, so sometimes you can feel caress and then you can fell touch by towels or feather.

For men

Massage is different for men and women. Each of us needs different entrance, so we should make your order and we will be prepared for you. Trust us that it is really sensual ritual, when you will know your sexuality and there will emanate your sexual energy. You can enjoy to intensive experience and we know that you will energy in whole your body and you will never forget.